FPAC Is NOT Associated with Frisco Arts

It has come to our attention that the Frisco Performing Arts Coalition’s endorsements of political candidates for Frisco City Council have been confused as the actions of the Frisco Association for the Arts (Frisco Arts), as well as personal endorsements by members of each organization. This is not the case. While we have stated this on all communications, there has been a breakdown in messaging that has led to this unfortunate situation. The Frisco Performing Arts Coalition was formed in 2014 solely to support political issues of importance to the arts in Frisco and the region. While both organizations promote a healthy, vibrant arts environment in Frisco, the membership and operations of each are entirely separate. To be clear, the Frisco Performing Arts Coalition is a registered political action committee with no association to Frisco Arts, and we deeply regret any hardship encountered as a result of this confusion.

In addition, please note that the FPAC exists only to inform voters. While FPAC issues endorsements based on our research, we do not actively campaign for or against any candidate.

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