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Bond Proposition #8 Demystified

There are numerous misconceptions regarding Proposition 8, the issuance of $10M tax bonds for constructing and equipping a Cultural and Performing Arts facility in Frisco.  Lifestyle Frisco gave strong support to Prop 8 in their article regarding all 8 bonds.  Please read and learn why a vote FOR Proposition 8 is a vote for Frisco’s future.  Remember, early voting ends Tuesday May 5th and the general election is Saturday May 9th.

Frisco’s $268 Million Bond Package and What You Need to Know

DMN Frisco Insiders Blogger Supports Prop 8

Christi Redfearn, a Frisco mom and blogger with the Dallas Morning News Frisco Insiders Network, shared about her recent experience taking her 4-year-old daughter to her very first play. . . but in Richardson, not Frisco.  Redfearn believes that Frisco is missing out by not offering a venue which can feature children’s musical and educational programming for larger audiences than just 120 seats in the Black Box.  She writes, “I think the Frisco City Council is a great steward of our tax dollars, and adding an additional revenue source would only help keep taxes low for residents.”  She concludes, “I have to tip my hat to Richardson — they have a wonderful program, but I think Frisco could do it just as well. And we should.”   [READ FULL ARTICLE]

We couldn’t agree more.  Vote FOR Proposition 8 for Frisco’s future!

Council Approves Arts Bond Initiative

In a vote of 3 to 2, Frisco City Council voted to approve the recommendation from the Citizen’s Bond Committee for $10 million for a performing and visual cultural arts center. This item will now be put to the voters at the election on May 9, 2015.

Those voting in favor of the recommendation were council members Sowell, Allen and Cheney.

Those voting against were council members Keating and Nelson.

Council member Johnson stood down and did not vote due to a conflict of interest.

Without a Vision, the People Perish

February 17, 2015

Mayor and Councilmembers
City of Frisco

Dear Mayor and Council:


On behalf of the Frisco Performing Arts Coalition, I am writing to each of you to encourage your support to permit the citizens of Frisco to vote on the bond proposition that would be used to fund (in-part) a performing and visual arts center in Frisco (see agenda Item 30 [G]).

As I drafted this letter to you yesterday, I found this relevant quote from Ronald Reagan,

“Art is one of the most important forms of human expression. Whether as creators or as spectators, Americans participate in the arts in some form almost every day, and their lives are made richer by this activity. Art also brings us into contact with the rich aesthetic tradition of our civilization, while the art of other cultures can be one of the best introductions available for those who want to learn more about them.” (Proclamation 5348 – Very Special Arts USA Month, 1985 – May 29, 1985.)

As history shows, Reagan was not always a proponent of the arts, and intended to abolish the National Endowment for the Arts, however he didn’t. To the contrary, he became a strong advocate for the arts and through his two terms and with his vision, he created many opportunities – publicly funded opportunities – that developed a healthier and more vibrant role for the arts in today’s society. Today in Frisco, we have a similar opportunity to extend the vision to be more inclusive of the arts and the contribution that the arts makes to our city’s culture.

Sadly, the arts remains a political issue in Frisco, and the establishment of the Frisco Arts PAC not only recognizes this reality, but highlights that we will have a long journey ahead of us. The issue before you on Tuesday night is not about whether Frisco should or should not have a performing and visual arts center, but whether the citizens will be given the right to decide if this should be a part of the vision and future for our city.

We the citizens of Frisco are looking to you, our Council, to build on the vision of city leaders before you, to think outside the box, and to continue to keep Frisco as the best city to live, work and play. As Reagan shared during his 1985 State of the Union speech, “[w]ithout a vision the people perish.” Your support of this bond recommendation will be part of your vision and legacy for our city. I encourage you to vote in favor of of the Citizen’s Bond Committee recommendation to support the approval of $10 million for a performing arts/cultural center.

James Nunn