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DMN Frisco Insiders Blogger Supports Prop 8

Christi Redfearn, a Frisco mom and blogger with the Dallas Morning News Frisco Insiders Network, shared about her recent experience taking her 4-year-old daughter to her very first play. . . but in Richardson, not Frisco.  Redfearn believes that Frisco is missing out by not offering a venue which can feature children’s musical and educational programming for larger audiences than just 120 seats in the Black Box.  She writes, “I think the Frisco City Council is a great steward of our tax dollars, and adding an additional revenue source would only help keep taxes low for residents.”  She concludes, “I have to tip my hat to Richardson — they have a wonderful program, but I think Frisco could do it just as well. And we should.”   [READ FULL ARTICLE]

We couldn’t agree more.  Vote FOR Proposition 8 for Frisco’s future!