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Proposition 8 Passes!

Today we celebrate a great step in the right direction for the arts in Frisco.  Proposition 8 has  passed and Frisco voters have spoken!  Thank you for getting to the polls and making your voices heard.  Here’s the Dallas Morning News article regarding the election.  We are looking forward to seeing a Cultural and Performing Arts Center IN Frisco and BY Frisco.

Bond Proposition #8 Demystified

There are numerous misconceptions regarding Proposition 8, the issuance of $10M tax bonds for constructing and equipping a Cultural and Performing Arts facility in Frisco.  Lifestyle Frisco gave strong support to Prop 8 in their article regarding all 8 bonds.  Please read and learn why a vote FOR Proposition 8 is a vote for Frisco’s future.  Remember, early voting ends Tuesday May 5th and the general election is Saturday May 9th.

Frisco’s $268 Million Bond Package and What You Need to Know

DMN Frisco Insiders Blogger Supports Prop 8

Christi Redfearn, a Frisco mom and blogger with the Dallas Morning News Frisco Insiders Network, shared about her recent experience taking her 4-year-old daughter to her very first play. . . but in Richardson, not Frisco.  Redfearn believes that Frisco is missing out by not offering a venue which can feature children’s musical and educational programming for larger audiences than just 120 seats in the Black Box.  She writes, “I think the Frisco City Council is a great steward of our tax dollars, and adding an additional revenue source would only help keep taxes low for residents.”  She concludes, “I have to tip my hat to Richardson — they have a wonderful program, but I think Frisco could do it just as well. And we should.”   [READ FULL ARTICLE]

We couldn’t agree more.  Vote FOR Proposition 8 for Frisco’s future!

Council Approves Arts Bond Initiative

In a vote of 3 to 2, Frisco City Council voted to approve the recommendation from the Citizen’s Bond Committee for $10 million for a performing and visual cultural arts center. This item will now be put to the voters at the election on May 9, 2015.

Those voting in favor of the recommendation were council members Sowell, Allen and Cheney.

Those voting against were council members Keating and Nelson.

Council member Johnson stood down and did not vote due to a conflict of interest.